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23 January 2012
I miss 2011

Assalamualaikum for all muslims and good evening for non-muslims. Yawss. actually kita tak nak berspeaking la. Takde mood tau, nk buat tutors ape tah lagi. Aishh, life must going on, Nik :)
Jyeahh, <3 Nevermind.Memang kita rindu sangat2 dekat 2011, Yeahh. A lot of Sweety Memories yg ade. Pfffttt -.- Nik menyesal gila sebab tak fokus masa belajar. I wish i can go for past time. ;')
Grr. We have to think positive la. Okayy, i got it ! So, Basha! (it means Yeahh)
Yay! So, from now on, Nik Hadfina Nadhirah Binti Nikifli Nurizan (my name was so long,isn'it?)
will always and always THINK POSITIVE again and again :) Got to go, Bye-bye to my dearest followers, Thanks <3

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